bocca del fuoco

17th September 2016: the “Bocca di Fuoco” (Mouth of fire Run) in Murano

The Mouth of fire in Murano Island is a very special event and a way to enhance the Venetian traditions: it is a walk / run of 5 km through five glass furnaces in full operation. An exclusive race for only 300 participants, at night, throught “calli” (little venetian streets) and bridges.


Murano, one of the most characteristic island in the Venetian lagoon, is known worldwide for the processing of blown glass. Discover the secrets of the glass makers, which was jealously guarded by the Serenissima. The glass masters were forced to remain on the island and were not allowed to leave the Venice without a permit until the end of the Republic.

All runners will see the production of the glass. As you enter into the furnace you feel the immense heat, the smell of wet wood which is burnt by the hot glass. The glass masters are seated on his scagno, surrounded by his tools. The magiosso, large containers inside the furnace hold all the components which makes Venetian glass, all complimented by the noise of the glass production.

In the courtyards of the furnaces you will see large piles of glass rods of many different colours, ready to be melted in the furnace. Piles of discarded multicoloured glass creates a surreal landscape.

Upon arrival an “ombra di Rosso”, glass of red wine, and typical dishes of the island will be served.

Thank you to the passion and fantasy of Venezia runners.

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